6 Best Luxury Travel Blogs Making Their Mark

Luxury travel blogs come out of the woodwork in all corners of the web. There is plenty out there to help you decide where to plan your next trip. As a private jet charter network, and jet sales business, we are also a blog and avid readers of other blogs. We have compiled here some of the best luxury travel blogs making their mark on the industry!


The Best Luxury Travel Blogs Making Their Mark In The Industry


Best Luxury Travel Blogs: MissTravel.com

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If we want to talk about a luxury travel blog that is making a mark, we cannot avoid the controversial dating travel blog, MissTravel.com! Created by founder Brandon Wade, MissTravel is an “online dating site for those with a passion for travel!” Trying to find Mr. or Mrs. Right? Or just looking to make a new friend for your next travel adventure? MissTravel is making waves in the dating industry, allowing successful men to meet interesting and beautiful woman and take them on luxurious excursions around the world!


How It Works:

Women are free to join the group. Men pay for a premium membership monthly. Like a “normal” dating website, a detailed profile must be submitted by both sexes with a photo. From there each may upload a destination vacation that they wish to travel with their partner they met on the website!


There are 3 ways to plan the luxury trip:


  • Travel With Me – Meet up with users and travel together.
  • Come To Me – Request a user to meet you at your profile location.
  • Show Me Your Town – Meet users at their profile location


There are 3 ways that the trip gets payed for:

  • I’ll Pay For You – The gift of free travel keeps on giving.
  • Pay For Me – Get spoiled and explore the world!
  • 50/50 – Split the check and get ready for take-off!


Once you finalize your trip details your on your way to a luxury getaway with a complete stranger! Now that’s the way to spice up your travel! Brandon’s online dating business a “bit” controversial, but that is why it made our list and is making a mark on the web!

“Unlike other dating websites, it’s my commitment to operate our business ethically. This means caring about your privacy, encrypting identifiable data, and never employing fake profiles or software bots. When we say there are more women than men, we guarantee it.” – Brandon Wade


Notable blog posts:

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Best Luxury Travel Blogs: The Luxe Travel

best luxury travel blogs

Will and Emily of The Luxe Travel offer an all encompassing approach to their writing and reporting. The writers believe that:

“…the idea of catering to the luxury of your senses, be it visual luxury or the luxury of sound, taste, time or touch. That being said, we don’t offer you luxury loosely defined. It must be so pleasing, so memorable to your senses that you feel you’re having one of the finest experiences in the world.”

That being said, we feel confident you will find what you are looking for in the pages of articles offered at The Luxe Travel. This variety ranks this blog on our best luxury travel blogs list.

The categories are specific:

You can get very specific on all topics featured in their website. From the finest restaurants, villas and travel transportation to some truly off the beaten path, adventure destinations. Breathtaking photography and excellent writing. Truly a blog about more than just travel. This blog will cater to all of the Luxe passions we have in us.

Notable Blog Posts:

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Best Luxury Travel Blogs: Holy Smithereens!

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Jean of Holy Smithereens has created a variety of useful articles for many destinations around the planet that she, and her photographer husband have visited. Jean has over 10 years in travel experience, starting when she was a child and took her first trip to Hong Kong for Christmas. She has since had jobs in South Korea, traveled throughout Asia and worked for the government in travel.

Her massive experience and passion for writing landed her very popular blog on our Best Luxury Travel Blogs list. A happy person through and through, Jean can take you exactly where you need to go, tell you the best way to get there, what to pack and where to have an adventure!

The best feature of the blog is the Destinations page. It allows you to search her massive blog based on the destination and time of the post, as well as a great search feature to find exactly what you are looking for.

Notable Blog Posts:

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Resorts With the Most Amazing Pools


Best Luxury Travel Blogs: Velvet Escape

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Keith Jenkins has indulged himself in a passion, career and love for luxury travel. Exiting a financial career just prior to the financial collapse earlier in the decade, Keith has build a travel blog that has exploded throughout the glob with a strong social media presence! Kieth is a fantastic public speaker, being featured in TedxTalk and a writer.

“Velvet” describes, for Keith, the feel, look and sensation of luxury, Most notable about his writing is The Tens, a collection of articles, simple to read, entertaining and educational about a vast variety of travel ideas and  tips.

Notable Blog Posts:

Ten Things to Do In Dubai

Impressions of Marceille


Best Luxury Travel Blogs: Small Luxury Hotels of the World Blog

best luxury travel blogs

best luxury travel blogs

Forget the large resorts and crowded retreats. Melissa’s SLH blog features the smaller, more detailed holiday stays, destinations and accommodations. Featuring 520 hotels across 80 countries, the SLH blog has become a place where these small, independent luxury accommodations can come together as one and you can read her experiences and book through her website. This is really a feature of two websites. One being her Blog, the other is the Hotel booking website. Her writing style is entertaining and best described by Melissa as follows:

“I’ve been very fortunate that SLH love my dry wit, sarcastic humour and my down to earth daily encounters that they asked me to write for their luxury travel blog which is the #2 Luxury Travel Blog in the UK, well done us!”

Notable Blog Posts:

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Best Luxury Travel Blogs: WildLuxe

best luxury travel blogs

Get outdoors, be adventurous! Misha’s WildLuxe features stunning photography, beautiful destinations and plenty of video content. Misha is an interesting story. For someone with so much on her plate, being a mother of two and diagnosed with cancer not to long ago, Misha decided to suck up as much beauty and adventure out of life that she could. She now has one of the worlds best luxury travel blogs on the planet and is determined to live life to the fullest and taking you along for the ride. Truly stunning, we keep this blog near and dear to us and check back often.

Don’t miss out on this one, keep posted, follow.

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