How To Choose A Private Jet

How To Choose Your Private Jet

Here we would like you guide you in the decision making process of what type of private jet to buy.

Renting Private Jet

First Thing to Consider Before Choosing to Buy A Private Jet


Ladies and gentleman: Bless you all for having the stamina, know how and success in being able to reach a level of success that would allow you to get to the point of considering purchasing a private jet.


Before money comes SAFETY.

Your family will be up there, your close friends, esteemed colleagues and yourself! Safety is your first and foremost priority. As well as the FAA. So, in order for you to consider a private jet, you must considerĀ its age, its quality and your needs.

You don’t want to begin the purchasing process of a jet that will need massive amounts of maintenance in order to be legal to fly. I.E. SAFE.

Work with reputable dealers that and make sure proper safety specifications are met before moving forward. Use our contact form to reach our trusted broker network.
What Type Of Private Jet Do You Need or Want?

Consider these criteria:


Two different things. If you need a private jet, then you need the comfort and ease of stress free travel when and where you want for business or personal use. With Wanting a private jet, you consider what makes you comfortable in the air, how you wish to travel, and your quality of life that you wish to have when in the air.


How far will your private jet take you and your guests? Please visit our post Types Of Private Jets to learn more. Overseas or intercontinental jets differ from smaller jets. Consider how far you wish to go without refueling.


If money is no object, and you have considered safety first, please feel free to choose as you please. Otherwise considering your budget is a big deal. Financing is available with most dealers and a good broker can expedite the process. If you have a budget, please contact me with your details and I will direct you to my recommended dealers. The sky is the limit here. Ranging from a little over $1 Million per jet to $100,000,000.

Number of Flyers:

Are you taking your close family and friends with you? Maybe only your best business partners. Or, you entertain a larger group of people. Consider the amount of people you wish to fly with and then think about the cabin space you will require for freedom and comfort during your trip.

These criteria should help you narrow down to the type of private jet that will make you happy.

As always I am here to help.

So please contact me with any further questions.