Types Of Private Jets

Types of Private Jets

There are a few general options when booking or purchasing a private jet. Renting or buying a private jet, you must choose the type of aircraft you would like to travel in to make your mission more personalized and comfortable.

Lets go through the most common of the types of private jets you may choose from so you can make a better decision as to what you require.


Light Jet

Light Jet In and Out

The smallest of the lines of private jets that you may rent. They seat 6 to 8 people comfortably with room to move about the cabin. This is perfect for close family, friends and important colleagues or clients. They can fly up to 2 hours non-stop.


Mid-Size Jet

Mid Size Jet in and out

The midsize jet is designed for 6 to 8 passengers and hold an extra level of comfort and luxury giving its passengers the ability to move about the cabin comfortably. Similar to the Light Jet but made for greater non stop distances like cost to coast continental flights or overseas flights with refueling. Maximum flight time is 7 hours.


Super-Mid Size Jet

super midsize jet interior

My most recommended jet. Can seat 9 people comfortably, but some models allow for up to 12. These are designed small enough to land on private air strips, but large enough to land in larger international airports. Perfectly designed for intercontinental flights and very spacious cabins, galleys and small scale entertainment systems.


Large Cabin (Heavy) Jets

large cabin jet interior

large cabin jet interiorSome of the absolute best in luxury flying. The large cabin jets carry 10 passengers in first class comfort. Extremely large cabin space and these jets employ flight attendants to ensure the safety of the passengers and meet their every need. They can fly up to 4000 miles, 9 hours, non stop, leaving these jets with be best, most comfortable long range capabilities.


Turbo Prop Planes

How To Rent A Private Jet


A category away from what we have been talking about. The Turbo Prop Plane is for those that seek destinations more difficult to reach than normal. These planes have more maneuvering capability that the typical jet and can easily be outfitted with amphibious landing gear and skis. Seating about 5 to 8 passengers. This is the type of plane to get you to those hard to reach, exclusive destinations in comfort and style.